Our passion for truly knowing the dogs that attend our daycare is on par to our commitment to making things fun for both dogs and owners! Whilst all of our puppers are unique, they also share common personality traits and these are represented by the houses that we have created. Every VIP Daycare pooch has their portrait taken in our photos booth and at the end of the year, owners receive a free photo print along with a detailed end of year report card!

Photos can be previewed on our Facebook Page

Celebrating our clever yet wise souls. Our Wood Elves are amusing and curious yet provide essential guidance to our younger ones, making sure they are guided through their day.

Celebrating our protective, good-hearted and all around fun puppers. These puppers pack a whole los of fun times and they make sure everyone else around them enjoys it too!

Celebrating our friendly, joyful, mischievous spirits, our Sun Pixies bring a positive and happy spirit that keeps us on our toes and brings light to our day.

Celebrating our delicate, gentle and loving souls who also possess a childlike aura. These lovely puppers, may be a little shy to begin with but once they blossom, it's a sight to see!