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The Grooming Lounge & Daycare Daycare Policy

The purpose of The Grooming Lounge & Daycare is to provide a worry free, safe, fun environment for your pet. To ensure the Health and Safety of your pets and our staff we ask that all our clients to comply with the following:


  • Daycare dogs must be sociable towards other dogs and humans.

  • All dogs must successfully pass our temperament evaluation (7 session trial period).

  • Late Cancellations & No Shows can leave us unable to fill spaces and as a small business, this has a profound impact. 24 hours notice must be given (BEFORE 9am the day prior to the booking) to avoid fees. 

  • Adult dogs can be given lunch or treats at your request, please supply your own.

  • Lunch must be given to puppies up to the age of 6 months, please supply your own. Fridge and freezer facilities are available. This food must be packaged into individual portion sizes and clearly labelled with the dog’s name.

  • All Dogs MUST be on a lead whilst entering and exiting The Grooming Lounge & Daycare

  • Bark Collars/Citronella Collars/Vibration Collars are not accepted nor used at The Grooming Lounge & Daycare. If your dog arrives wearing one, it will be taken off and given back to you upon arrival or stored in your dogs personal locker.


  • All paperwork, forms and vaccination requirements must be completed before admission.

  • Sick dogs will not be admitted to The Grooming Lounge & Daycare.

  • Dogs that have been ill with a communicable condition in the last 14 days will need to produce a Vet certification of health to be admitted into The Grooming Lounge & Daycare.

  • Vaccination requirements for each dog entering The Grooming Lounge & Daycare is DHPPI, Lepto & Kennel Cough

  • Full/Booster vaccinations must be given by your vet as determined. Copies of updated Vet Books must be supplied.

  • If your pet is on any oral medications, we can continue to administer them during their daycare stay. Medications must be clearly labelled and have an instruction sheet include dosage and administering details (am/pm etc.). Injections will not be administered.

  • All male dogs must be de-sexed at 6 months to continue to play safely. Females must remain at home whilst on heat.

  • Dogs found with fleas may be treated with a flea wash at the owner’s expense.


  • If we consider that your pet requires veterinary care, we will attempt to contact you. If you cannot be reached, we will contact your listed Vet. Alternatively, The Grooming Lounge & Daycare will contact their own vet, Northland Vet Group, if yours cannot be reached. Owners are liable for full costs incurred.

  • Incidents: If your dog causes any damage to another dog resulting in veterinary care, you will be liable for the full cost. Payment is to be made to The Grooming Lounge & Daycare upon receipt of invoice and within 24 hours. The Grooming Lounge & Daycare will pass on payment to the victim dog’s owner. Failing to pay these costs may result in your dog being excluded from daycare. 

  • The Grooming Lounge & Daycare reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason, or cancel any future bookings without notice.

  • Dogs not collected by 6.00pm will incur a late fee of $1 per minute. If not collect by 630pm will be boarded for the night, an overnight fee will be charged.

  • These terms and conditions are in addition to our trading terms, assessments and socialisation criteria, all of which are subject to change without notice.

The Grooming Lounge & Daycare, its representatives and employees will be indemnified by the dog owner against any actions or claims arising from any loss, injury or illness that a dog sustains or causes to another dog or person while in the care of The Grooming Lounge & Daycare. The Grooming Lounge & Daycare will attempt to maintain animal safety but shall not accept any responsibility for the damage caused by or to the dog. The Grooming Lounge & Daycare has multiple cameras located within the daycare which will be used as evidence in an event.