Frequently asked questions

Is your Groomer Qualified?

Yes! I completed training with The School of Grooming, passing with excellence. I am registered with The New Zealand National Dog Groomers Association & registered with the International Pet Groomers Inc. I also passed International exams to become a Certified Advanced Professional Groomer with IPG and have passed National Dog Groomering Association of New Zealand exams in Salon Profiency, Gundog & Terrier Masters Exams.

How long will it take to groom my dog?

Please allow 2 hours for a full groom which includes a toilet break for your dog. Depending on your dogs coat, time may vary but our Groomer will advise a more accurate time during the consultation.

What if my dog bites?

Just be sure to let us know and we can take the steps needed to ensure your dog and our staff are safe.

Do you groom puppies?

Yes we do but please ring to have a chat with us as we will need to discuss their vaccination status. We take extra care with the young ones so they have a positive and enjoyable experience.

Where will my dog be kept afterwards?

We have comfortable beds as well as toys located alongside our Groomer for the dogs to relax in and an area to socialise and play. We do not cage our dogs. DAYCARE ADD ON: We have two daycare options available to create flexibility for you around your appointment and other commitments.
1. GROOMING DAYCARE: You are welcome to drop off anytime after 6:30am and pick up anytime before 6pm. If you drop off more than 1 hour BEFORE your appointment OR you pick up 1 hour AFTER confirmation that the appointment has been completed, there is a cost of $5 per dog. Dogs can relax in the lounge (couches, beds, toys) and are taken to the toilet outside.
2. MAIN DAYCARE: Dogs are welcome to play in the main daycare before and after their grooming appointments provided they meet the standard required for play (Vaccinations, desexing etc). Standard Daycare Charges apply. We cannot guarantee they will not be prestine as they will be with other dogs however our flooring inside is clean and our outdoor area is artificial grass.

What happens if my dog has fleas?

If fleas are found, they are treated with a natural product which contains Neem Oil. This wash kills all the fleas immediately but does not act as a continuing treatment. The flea wash is at an additional cost to the base price of the groom or wash.

My dog is entire, can he still be groomed?

Absolutely! Entire dogs and bitches are welcome however we keep entire males in comfortable areas within the salon.

Can I stay and watch my dog be groomed?

For the safety of the dog and Groomer we do not allow owners to stay and watch. Dogs are easily distracted when they can see Mum or Dad and could try to pull toward them and cause safety issues. Rest assured 99.9% of dogs settle well and quickly once Mum and Dad are gone which makes for a stressless and easy groom! Video timelapses are available to view on our Facebook Page so you can see exactly what our process is and how we groom our dogs. You can request your dog to be filmed, I love to make these videos!

Do you shave double coats?

Always an interesting question! Short answer: Yes and No. Our Groomer will complete a clip off if: 1) The dog has been shaved in the past 2) The dog is extremely matted 3) The dog needs to be shaved for medical reasons or due to age. If your double coated breed does not meet the above requirements, don't fret! We can still complete a fabulous groom! Our Full Grooms include a tidy up trim and we also off a "de-shed" add on option using de-shedding bathing systems and tools. This removes all of that pesky dead hair and undercoat through the change of seasons. For more information on Double Coats, don't hesitate to ring and chat to our Groomer who is happy to talk to you about your specific requirements.

My dog is matted, can you still groom him/her?

Yes we can, however "how" will depend on the condition of the dog. At The Grooming Lounge & Daycare, we work on a "Humanity over Vanity Rule". This means, if the de-matting will cause unnecessary pain and discomfort to your dog, we will clip them to a length which is pain free for your dog. There is a charge additional to the base price of the groom, to shave down a matted dog to cover the time it takes to complete and equipment maintenance . Our Groomer will advise upon consultation.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Unfortunately, in the past, we experienced a significant amount of "no shows" or very late cancellations. We send out, appointment cards, email confirmation (if given) and reminders as well as txt reminders to allow for clients to let us know if they cannot make it. We understand that things come up last minute and we do believe that we are understanding of certain situations where it cannot be helped. With that being said, "no shows" or cancellations can leave us unable to fill a spot and as a small business, this has a profound impact. We are now left with the only option being to introduce and apply fees for cancellations and "no shows". To Cancel or Reschedule An Appointment: 48 hours given: No Charge Cancellation is within 48 hours of the appointment, the fee will be: 1st appointment: 50% of the groom per dog 2nd appointment: the full cost of the groom 3rd appointment: the groom will need to be pre-paid. No shows and lateness where we can no longer accept the dog, (15 minutes or more), will incur the above fees. Fees will need to be paid in full BEFORE the next groom can be scheduled. We do not enjoy implementing this however it is necessary to keep our business operating.

Where can I see a portfolio of your work?

The best place to look is our Facebook Page or our Instagram Page. Photos and video are uploaded regularly offering a behind the scenes look at what we do! You can also find reviews from other customers located on our Facebook Page.

Do you groom cats or rabbits?

No, I do not groom Cats or Rabbits.

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